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Welcome to the Clash of Desert General Game Guide Forum:

~Can I control my Troops in Battle?
-Once your Troops enter a Battle, their fighting frenzy can’t be controlled. They’ll attack based on their nature or priority targets. To learn more about the nature of your Troops, enter the Training Center in the Army Camp for more information.

~What are Heroes?
-Heroes can be hired once the Heroes Altar has been built. Heroes are special troops in Clash of Desert . Each one possesses a different Skill and can be leveled up using Slime. Heroes are divided into 4 classes: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Make your Heroes stronger by increasing their Level and Star rating!

~What happens to Troops that survive a Battle?
-Any Troops that die in Battle will return to the Ether. Your Troops that survive a Battle, however, will return to your Castle. The key to survival is using the right type and number of Troops as you can only bring a limited number of Troops into Battle.

~What is Magic and how can I use it?
-To use Magic, you must first upgrade your Town Hall to Lv 4, which unlocks the Relic Hall. The Relic Hall lets you to generate Magic to attack enemies with in Battle.

~How can I upgrade my Buildings?
-Once you select a building, tap "Level Up" to upgrade it. Upgrading the Town Hall unlocks new buildings and allows you to upgrade them further. Buildings stop working while under construction; Resource Buildings will stop producing resources and Defenses won’t attack enemies.

~How do Shields work?
-Shields protect you against attacks from other players. While your Shield is active, you can’t attack other players either. Doing so disables your shield. If your Castle is attacked and suffers damage of 50% and above, you will gain a Shield of varying hours based on the degree of the damage.

~What will happen if there is no Shield?-If you don’t have any Shields while you’re offline, you might be attacked by other players. If you lose, part of your resources will be taken by your opponent. You can build Defenses, Walls, and Traps to protect your Castle.

Regarding Gems & Recharge:

Q: Why I don’t receive the rewarded gems of “Once Only” chance?
A: If you are first time to buy each kind of gems in Treasure, you will be rewarded same value gems. But the gems will not add to your account directly. Please claim gem reward from “Earn Gems” interface.

Q: How do I buy Gems?
A:Gems can be bought in the Shop or at the official Clash of Desert website. Remember to buy Gems only through the 2 ways listed above to protect against online scams.

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