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Support Related FAQ
How do I contact support team or submit support ticket?
There are two ways to get supports from IGG.
1. Submit ticket in game
Go to settings in game, click send a ticket. Then fill out the forms to submit a ticket
2. Email
One can also email the support team directly at

 Android :
iOS :
Where do I report bugs and glitches?
If you find some bugs in game, you may report using the 2 methods mentioned above. Please provide as much details as possible in your report for the tech team to resolve it faster.
I purchased Gem but didn't receive them, who should I contact?
If you haven't received the Gems that you have purchased, you will need to contact our support team with the following information:
In-game Name: 
Email Address: 
Payment Email Address: 
Payment Method: 
Order I.D: 
Time of Purchase: 
Purchase Amount: 
I lost my phone/tablet, who do I recover my account?
If you have linked the account to your gmail, you may add google account to your new device and login to play the old account.
If you didn't link your account to email, you may contact the support team with the following info:
New IGG ID: 
Former In Game Name: 
Email address: 
Date and Time of the incident: 
My account was hacked /  heroes were consumed, who should I contact?
If you think your account could be hacked, you may contact support team with the following info
In-game Name: 
Email Address: 
Time Of Incident: 
How do I report a suspicous player?
If you found a suspicious player (hacking or other illegal activities), please contact the support team to let them know the details.
Suspicious player's in-game name:
Your contact email:
Evidence and more details: including screenshots and video proof.
I finished a tapjoy offer but didn't receive any gem, who should I contact?
Gems received from tapjoy offers are not handled by IGG, so you need to reach Tapjoy directly to solve the issue.
To contact Tapjoy, open the offer page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you may submit a ticket using "Missing Gems" link.

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I used to play Castle Clash, is there a guide showing how Clash of Desert differs from Castle Clash?

Yes, see:

Clash of Desert for CC players
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Hello dear developers!I am one of those people who make let's play on your game!I want to ask you a few questions!For starters, you can tell whether the game has new updates,innovations???

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I’ll take the deafening silence in this forum to mean that it’s deader than dead.

WeGamers/Line ID: AvengingAngelCC
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I only see Facebook and wegammers in more events. Please help me.

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If this game shut down on january 31 2019 you should give back our expenses and time consumed in this game.