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[Guide] Submission of Gameplay tricks and trips

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Submission for Game-play Guides

Greeting  Deserter's ! 

In order to help and guide new players who join our game at a later stage, we can give them support by providing them with material which can help them get to know how about the game in general and get a general idea of how the game functions. In Order to do so,We want your help on whatever tip and trick which you have discovered while playing this game. You all can submit your Guides under the following categories :

1) Newbie Guide

2) Building and Research

3) Hero and Hero Skills

4) Event Guides ( HBM, Lava,Mesa,Guild War Bases and Stratagey and Fotress fued Stratagey)

Please submit any Guide you can post them in the chat section and contact a Mod  to move it to guide section were  we will  further clear  and  approve it . If you have any Queries/Questions/More Category Suggestion's Please Feel Free to P.M  Desiwarrior or GalaxySwift. 

Thank You.

COD Mod Team

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Let's go )

Mino Bombing F2P
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Newbie's guide to the joy of guilds.

A newly started account will take a long while to accumulate enough Gold (and vaults to hold it in) to start their own guild, but there are vast advantages to joining a guild, especially an established and active guild.

So your first objective is to build up your Town Hall until you can build the Guild Hall

Then go to the green messaging icon on the side of the screen and select the "Social" tab and hit the pause "||" button. Scroll down until you see a guild sending out Guild invites and apply.  Keep coming back and applying to random guilds until your Guild Hall shows a flag.

In the upper right part of your base display look for "Caravan" and click on this. Then select the "Caravan Rewards" tab and see if it includes the third icon, which is the head of a purple man. If this guild hasn't developed their Caravan this far then consider quitting and joining another.

Now go do the Dungeons, Here Be Monsters, Quest Board and Guild activities until you have saved up 400 shards. When you have these click on the Guild Hall and donate up to the 400 total level. Then go back to the Caravan, collect the rewards and do "Basic" purchases of everything available every day (just as you Trade Water for everything offered there).

You will now have at least one Legendary hero, even if your free daily rolls gave you nothing and you don't even have Lion Heart yet. Therefore you can advance your Sanctum level by leveling up Crystal Horror. Use the Blue Crystal packs you obtain from the Caravan to Craft Equipment. Sell off Elite or lower armor and use the Steel gained to refine better armor.

Once your total Guild contribution level reaches 4000 you can do the same with Ignito.

Clash of Desert for CC players
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Fortress Feud info and more


Long Time No See!

Android Guild - HereBeDragons

iOS Guild - KilerElite
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Update: Member Now can Directly Post in the chat  section, the Mod Team shall then directly further approve the guide.


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