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[Guide] Guide to Gem-Only Heroes

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Posted on 2017-05-30 17:53:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Talents are in order of best to alright on each hero

Ra - Buffer, Needed for almost all aspects of the game
Talents - zerk, revite, life drain
Good skill level to stop at - 7/10

Desert Magus - DPS, useful for lots of single target damage
Talents - WG, BW
Skill to stop at - 7/10

Tempest Taj - Tank, useful for dungeons because doesn't get stunned
Talents - BW, LD
Skill to stop - 7/10

Pyro Yusha - DPS, useful for many modes including hbm and dungeons
Talents - WG, BW
Skill - 7/10

Jasfae - Sniper, good in GW
Talents - BW, WG, Zerk
Skill - 7/10

Cheetalah - Buffer, Good for extra damage
Talents - WG, zerk
Skill - 7/10

Karkadann - DPS, good for pvp
Talents - Zerk, BW
Skill - 7

Soothsayer - Sniper, very good in pvp modes
Talents - WG, Revite
Skill - 7

Aqualo - Buffer, Good in gw after ur heroes die
Talents - Revite, Revive
Skill - 8/10

Roc - DPS, good nearly everywhere
Talents - WG, BW
Skill - 7 or 8/10

Hellspawn - DPS/Tank, good for pvp
Talents - Scatter, corrode, life drain
Skill - 7 or 8/10

Sea Tyrant - DPS/Tank, good in dungeons
Talents - BW, WG, Stine Skin
Skill - 7

Sphinx - Healer/DPS, Good in hbm and dungeons
Talents - BW, Revite, WG
Skill - 7

Stormcaller - DPS, Good in pvp
Talents - Revite, BW
Skill - 7

Bahamut - DPS, Good in most modes
Talents - Revite, BW, WG
Skill - 7

Lunar Sorceress - Buffer, good almost everywhere
Talents - Revite, Scatter
Skill - 7

There will be seperate guides for shard heroes and event only heroes. I will try to update this with every new hero added to the game. Suggestions and comments are appreciated!

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Posted on 2017-05-30 20:06:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

If I am right, wouldn't life drain be bad for a buffer? Don't know if CoD is different from CC talent wise. I don't see any Life Drain 8/8 Cupid or Valentinas running around. Overall, great guide, keep it up.

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Posted on 2017-05-31 14:34:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

My roll em and ignore em list is: Karkadann, Cheetalah, TeTa, Desert Magus

My OMFGYGTBKM top priority list is: Roc, Ra, Hellspawn, Sea Tyrant, Bahamut, Lunar Sorceress, Pyro Yusha

My reserve special functions team is: Jasfae, Aqualo, Stormcaller, Sphinx, Soothsayer

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