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[Guild] Guild Index Creation

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Posted on 2017-05-11 11:35:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

We have decided to implement a new "Guild Index" which will list all the active guilds in alphabetical order by platform(s), and will be stickied to the top of this section.  This index will be used as an aide to assist members in selecting the guild that they would like to apply to. 

We ask that all active guilds post their information in this thread, in the format shown in the template below.  We also ask that as a courtesy you inform us of the dissolution of any guild listed so that we may remove it from the index.

In the interest of assisting our guilds in their candidate selection process we have also created a template for members to use when seeking out membership into a guild, which we will also be creating a thread for them to post applications.  Please feel free to submit any comments and or suggestion regarding any pertinent information you feel we have overlooked.

We would encourage members to submit the guild index submission in the same format as the template provided, to ensure conformity of information. Any Post which is not in the same format as the provided template will not be approved  

( A Big Thank You to First lady for Allowing us to Use her Guild Index Template form  Castle Clash forums)


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Time Zone:
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Guild Information Template

Guild Name Recruitment Requirements:
Platform:   Might:
Leader/Pres.:  Boss Level/Time:  
Vice #1:TB:  
Vice #2:Mesa Level/Time:  
Might: WG:  
Might Ranking:  ...Donations: .....................................
Shard Ranking:   Messenger Apps:
Contact:  Special Requirements:  
Special Incentives:

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Posted on 2017-05-11 20:24:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

We must tell the guild recruiters to use this template. If their posts do not meet these requirements, then we will have to close them

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Guild Name: TeasippersRecruitment Requirements: None
Platform:   AndroidMight: megre
Leader/Pres.:  HcobbBoss Level/Time:  ?
Vice #1:TB:  Usually fairly good
Vice #2:Mesa Level/Time:  Donno
Might: 490kWG:  
Might Ranking:  144thDonations: Whatever
Shard Ranking:   1106thMessenger Apps: 
Contact:  Special Requirements:  
Special Incentives: 

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